August 23, 2011

We're moved!!!

We finally closed on the house on Thursday and its been crazy ever since! Friday we did lots of painting and moving of little things. Saturday was the BIG day! We started at 8am. Loaded up the first truck and got to the new house at around 2p. We unloaded, had some pizza and the guys went back to the old house to get another load. They got the entire 24 ft truck loaded, and it was packed to the gills! And the truck wouldn't start..... go figure!

My hubby called the 24 hour hotline and they sent out a mechanic only to find out that they couldn't fix the truck that night and we would hear from someone in the morning. . . Well my hubby called Budget at 7a and said they were sending someone out there, well now its 11am and nothing. The gentlemen that came out the night before called my hubby and asked him if someone had to come fix it or at least towed it for us and of course they did not. The guy called my hubby back to say he was on the way to tow the truck to the new house for us.

They finally arrived at 2p and we unloaded another load. There was still some stuff left at the house so my hubby went back with our truck to grab as much as he could. Needless to say this was the longest move EVER!!!!!!

We are finally getting settled but I am sure it'll be a few weeks before everything is complete. Stay tuned for before and after pictures!


Heather said...

OMG!!! Thats crazy! I'm glad you guys are in the new house! Can't wait to see all the pictures!! I'm sure its beautiful!