August 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes

I love looking back on what the girls were for Halloween. It's amazing how much they change from year to year! This is the first year Payten could really tell us what she wants to be. So I guess I'll enjoy this last year choosing what Camryn will be :-)

Payten's 1st Halloween she was a bumble bee!

Payten's 2nd Halloween - Fairy / Camryn's 1st Halloween - Pea in a Pod

And last year... my little lady bug and lion!!!

This year Payten is choosing to be Snow White (her favorite princess right now) and Camryn will be a fairy!


Working Mommy said...

They are both so cute!!! This year the whole family will be characters from the Wizard of Oz - Dorothy (Lulu), Lion (Bubba), Scarecrow (The Man) and Glenda (Me)...should be interesting!