August 30, 2011

Kind of crazy!

It's been kind of crazy around here. We are trying to get use to the new school schedule. Camryn is a little sleeper so getting her up early has been a little bit of challenge but she is adjusting. Believe it or not she is actually doing really well at school. She cries for a few seconds at drop off but is back to her self within minutes :-) So glad that she is making progress.

Payten is loving school! Not that I had any doubt. Every day she comes home and tells me all about her day. Its super cute!

I know I haven't posted one house picture and frankly its because its still a disaster zone around here. The girls rooms are pretty much finished except for a few finishing touches and I will post pictures of those soon! The hubby is finishing up painting the living room tonight so we are making progress. I will post pictures by the weekend, I hope :-)

Happy Tuesday!


Working Mommy said...

They are so precious!! Looks like they are ready for the 4th all over again!