August 25, 2011

First day of school!

The girls are adjusting to lots of new changes. First the move and now a new school. The first day went better then I had imagined. Payten of course LOVES it and well Camryn did okay. Not too bad considering this is her first year going to school. Its a huge adjustment for her but will be a good one. I can't wait to see what the school year will bring for them! Since Camryn turns two in less than 2 months she will then we switched to the 2 year old classroom which I think will be great for her to be with kids more her age.

Here are a few pictures from the girls 1st day!


Working Mommy said...

Is it a daycare or school?? It looks like they are at the same place - which is always good in case one gets a little anxious the other isn't too far away for comfort.