February 24, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Payten Elisabeth!

After spending almost an entire weekend in the hospital awaiting your arrival.  You arrived into this world on Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 4:36am.  As I heard your first cry, I soaked in every sound.  At that moment my life was forever changed.  I truly never understand when other parents said that once your first child enters the world your life would have a totally knew outlook.  And how they were so true. 

The past five years we have watched you grow from an itty bitty baby to a beautiful, funny, smart, sassy little girl.  You personality is truly one of a kind.  You have one of the warmest hearts I have ever seen.  Camryn is so lucky to have you as her big sister.  

**WARNING: picture overload
Proud Daddy with his little princess
 One of Daddy & I's favorite pictures of you
1st Easter
Your 1st Birthday - 02.24.09

 Loving on your new little sister!
 2nd Birthday
 Your sassy little personality!
 3rd Birthday Party
 4th Birthday Party
 Happy 5th Birthday to our first little princess!!!  
We love you Payten Elisabeth!