February 10, 2013


Have I mentioned that being on bed rest is like pure torture for me? I do not do well with getting orders to do NOTHING. Don't get me wrong I like some downtime but I've had enough! Although I still have many more days to go.... Ugh. 

I feel for my poor husband that is playing Mr. Mom. Of course he doesn't mind but I feel bad everything is getting put on him :-(

The weather has been beautiful here too so being stuck indoors is even worse. Speaking of.. The girls wanted to go in the backyard yesterday to play and right before they were going out, Sean noticed a raccoon in the backyard. I freaked!!!! Called animal control and of course they won't remove them, we had to have a private company come out here. $375... yes $375 later we now have traps set up all over our fence line and the girls can't go back there and play for about 10 days or so.... Urgh stupid rodents!

Since I've had a ton of down time I've been pinning away on Pinterest so I have a few projects I want to try when I am feeling better :-) A few easter ones I really can't wait to try!!