February 8, 2013

Home and resting

Yesterday was my surgery... Surgery went pretty well I just wish I did better with the anesthesia :-(.

My surgery was at 9a... Had a little late start but was in recovery by noon. Things were going okay in recovery until it was time for me to stand up. I made it a few steps before telling the nurse and Sean I was going to pass out.. Within seconds my face was whiter then a ghost and my knees started to buckle. They got me back in bed and hooked me back up and gave me more anti nausea medicine and some fluids to flush out the anesthesia. Then it was round two... Headed the bathroom made it to the restroom then Sean was helping me get my clothes on... I made it to getting one article,of clothing on before I passed out yet again... Ugh! Back to the room I go. Hooked up again and more fluids. My blood,pressure kept dropping every times I would get up. I have low blood pressure as it is so it doesn't help :-(. Of course because of all the fluid they were giving me I had to,use the bathroom. Got up again was fine to and from the bathroom until I got back to my room and down again I went... I just couldn't believe it was happening again. More fluids and monitoring, the nurse said if my blood pressure keeps dropping I will have to stay the night... Really? This is supposed to be outpatient procedure not overnight...FML!

Finally my blood pressure was going back to normal I still felt a little off but just wanted to go home so I touched it out. Finally arrived at 5p.. Ate my first meal for the day and I have been in bed ever since. I have a funny feeling I'll be here for several days :-(

**Sorry any misspelling and grammar errors.