October 22, 2012

Fun fall weekend!

I feel like by this time of the season we have done so many more fall acitivies but this year we've been slacking!  I think with soccer and dance for the girls, that is keeping us pretty busy so doing other actitives has kind of taken the back seat.  :-(

Saturday morning we started our day at the soccer field.  From the pictures you'll see how well the game went for Payten.... or I should say how it didn't go well :-(

Payten was doing great in the beginning... but then her Daddy got frustrated and put in Camryn....  Payten has told us that soccer isn't her thing and that is okay.  But just like my parents taught me you must finish the season out.  It's only fair to your team.  So Payten needs to step it up for the last two remaining games, and I guess she'll just stick to the girly activities for now :-)
Cam did pretty well for her first game... I think she is going to be our soccer player :-)
 Despite him being frustrated, he still loves them to pieces!!

The weather was beautiful Saturday!  There was actually a breeze and wasn't crazy hot!  Well maybe it was when you were in the direct sunlight but it was still really nice.  A treat for us Floridians for sure!  We headed to SeaWorld for the Halloween Spooktacular!  We didn't do too much trick or treating but we had a blast seeing the shows and riding the rides :-)

Yesterday morning we had a yummy breakfast at Perkins.  We did some window shopping and then headed home.  Both girls were exhausted from our busy day on Saturday so they were both napping by 12:30p.  And of course I squeezed in a nap too!  I loev Sunday afternoon naps!  I had every intention of taking the girls to the pumpkin patch but once I was home I didn't feel like leaving the house :-(.  I am thinking we'll go one day this week after school!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Happy Monday!