October 26, 2012

Fall Weather/Christmas Outfits

Can we really be getting some fall weather?!  It's only almost November and we might actually get a feel for some cooler temps.  I am sooo excited!  Since the girls now have a closet FULL of fall clothes they will finally be able to wear them!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  But of course living in Florida we don't always get to experience this season.  

I am shocked but I already have the girls Christmas Eve and Christmas Day outfits all picked out and purchased.  I usually don't even have anything picked out but this year I just found outfits that were too cute and well of course the girls loved them so I had to get them!  Oh and the they were on sale so how could I pass it up!  I paid less then $12 for their Christmas day outfit :-)  I love when I get a deal!

 Payten will be wearing the black sweater and Camryn will be wearing the silver.

We have a fun weekend planned!  I just hope the rain stays away so we can actually do everything we have planned!  Happy Friday!