October 18, 2012


I feel like lately I haven't written too much, its more been more picture posting.  I have had minimal time to blog so I've been mostly posting pictures and quick summary.  These past few weeks have been pure CRAZINESS!  So much going on!  This week is the first week where I feel like its starting to settle down, well as much as its going to settle down with working full time, having a side business, and having two kiddos :-)  But I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world... well maybe I could do without the the full time job, but of course I still would want the paycheck, LOL.

Last week Camryn had her 3 year well visit.  My little peanut is 3 feet exactly and weighs 28 lbs :-).  Her Payten are almost neck and neck.  Payten weighs around 32 lbs, so it won't be long until Cam catches up to her.  They are already pretty much wearing the same size clothes.  Camryn's well visit went pretty well overall.  I did bring up a few concerns to her pediatrician. One being that her left foot turns in when she walks.  This has been since she started walking but at her 2 year check up I mentioned it but her pediatrician said its most likely something she will grow out of.  Well its gotten a million times better but of course its turning in a bit.  He suggested an x-ray of her hips to just be sure.   I know an x-ray is no big deal but of course I am scared of how it will all go.  We have an appointment within the next few weeks.  Our other concern was her sleeping pattern lately, or I should said say the lack of sleep.  She seems to be getting up almost every hour and when she does get up shes terrified :-(  I thought normal night terrors but its really bad.  She is also super restless when going to sleep.  Her pediatrician wrote us a script to have a sleep study performed.  At first I was a bit hesitate but I talked with my mother in law who is an RN, and she suggested seeing a ENT first.  She might have an obstruction which is causing her awful sleeping.  From there we will determine if we will have to do the sleep study at that time.  Please keep us in your prayers that everything comes back okay and I am just being an overly worried Mommy :-)

Payten has been doing great in school!  She has gotten Student of the Day several times already this school year.  And shes been doing awesome in Math!  Her teacher told me that she is really good at Math and seems to really enjoy it.  Payten is loving school!  I am praying that she'll feel like this all through her school year :-)  Wishful thinking, huh?  We'll see...

This weekend we have another busy weekend planned but of course its full of fun activities!  Can't wait!

**Just a little collage from Camryn's birthday party :-)