April 30, 2012

Staycation fun!

Since we can't seem to get a real vacation booked for this year yet, this stay-cation was totally needed!  We had an absolute blast!  The girls LOVE staying in hotels.  They think its so neat.  I, on the other hand, ehhhh not too much of a fan.  It can be a 5 star hotel and I still would rather be sleeping in my own bed and showering in my own shower, I am weird like that. :-)  But since the girls love it so much I suck it up, because its so worth it for their smiles!

 Pool fun at the hotel!  The girls LOVED this!!!  Even though the water was FREEZING!

 This girl loves to pose!  Now if only her younger sister liked the camera :-)

 Time for some fun in the sun at Blizzard Beach!!!
Our last night... headed to a late dinner!