April 19, 2012

Terrible Twos!!!

Why did I think I would be so lucky not to have two kids experience "terrible" twos?... haha totally not the case! Camryn is actually making up for Payten. Two has been HORRIBLE! And we are only half way through! Ahhhhhh! The temper tantrums are ridiculous! There is absolutely no reasoning with her. She is STUBBORN! I guess this is my pay back for being "that" kid to my parents, LOL. But man is this mean payback! I sure hope this passes fast because I am not sure I'll have much hair after this!!!

She looks innocent but really she is the DEVIL!!... just kidding!.. or am I?!


Melissa Estes said...

Neither of mine went through terrible twos...but 3...Oh my that was a different story!