April 13, 2012


Phew what a week! It was the longest EVER! I thought Friday would never come!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us! First tonight is our monthly girls night out, Bunco!!! This month I am hosting so I have lots to do before tonight :-)

Our week was a bit hectic, but then again when is it not?! Last night the girls had a photo session with Lisa Lotter, LL Photography for the free photo session they won :-) Pictures went pretty well. Camryn is not much of a picture taker so its a bit challenged but I know with Lisa's amazing talent she got some awesome shots of her. Lisa was the FIRST photographer I ever used with the girls. She photographed Payten's whole first year of her. Some of which are my FAVORITE pictures!

Just a few of my favs. . .

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!