April 17, 2012

Time for a Big Girl bed!

Camryn made the switch to a toddler bed a few months ago. It was definitely an adjustment for her, but the last few weeks it has been great. Payten's crib converted from a crib, toddler bed, then into a full size bed. Camryn's crib however only converts to a toddler bed. So that means its time to shop for a BIG girl bed!

Camryn's room is hard to shop for since her furniture is an antique white and of course Munire had to discontinue that color to make me life more difficult, ugh! So we have been searching and so far our favorite is the from JCP. Since they do not have this item in the store, I am praying the color matches up to the rest of her furniture! The only downfall is the shipping $200 +, ahhhh.... I am going to continue searching but I have a funny feeling this will be the bed we wind up with!

Since she will be getting a different bed I have been checking out some new bedding, so far this is my favorite . . .


Melissa Estes said...

Oh I love that bedding!!
Isn't shipping free if you have it sent to the store? Doesn't that include furniture?

FSD said...

Where did you find that bedding? I love it!!!