April 3, 2012

Hello April!

Is it really April already?! I feel like we were just ringing in the new year and now we are already 4 months into the new year! That is just crazy! I guess time flies when your having fun :-)

We had a fun weekend! Saturday morning we headed to Typhoon Lagoon for some fun in the sun! The girls loved it even more this year! They were able to ride just about every slide in the park. Trekking up the million and one stairs isn't fun but when you get to the top you totally forget about that. The tube slides are my fav, and even Camryn loved them! After our fun day at Typhoon Lagoon we headed over to the Smith house for a fun game night! It was a lot of fun and even the best part we didn't even have to get a baby sitter for the evening :-)

Sunday morning the girls and I went to the mall to visit with the Easter Bunny. I wasn't going to take Camryn but she insisted on going and that she was going to sit on his lap. Of course when she got there she changed her mind. There was no way she was going anywhere near that bunny. LOL. After the bunny visit we came home had lunch, did a photo shoot in the front yard, and then of course we had our Sunday nap, my fav :-)

We had a great weekend! It was fun but not too too busy! This coming weekend will be SUPER busy but I can't wait to all the fun we have planned :-)

Happy Tuesday!