March 5, 2012

Weekend fun!

Get ready for major picture overload! We had such a great weekend! And lots of pictures to prove it!

Friday late afternoon we checked into the hotel. Thanks to my awesome hubby, he scored us a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom suite. I guess it pays to know big people in big places :-) The hotel was awesome! Great amenities. We didn't get to use to many but the indoor pool was great to take a night swim in, which we totally did Friday night. After we got checked in and settled, we drove down International drive to see what we wanted to do. We decided to stop at Fun Stop. It's a ride/arcade place for kids. AWESOME! The girls LOVED it!!! They literally rode ride after ride for almost two hours! And the best part it was only $14.99 for the unlimited wrist band! Of course we had to play in the arcade before leaving. The girls earned tons of tickets and traded them in for some prizes. Highlight of their night :-) We headed to dinner at TGI Friday's, hubby's choice :-) I love their appetizers! So three for all it was for me! After dinner the girls still had a bunch of energy so we headed back to the hotel and went for a swim. It wasn't until 11p or so that the girls finally went to bed :-)

Saturday we were up bright and early to head to Sea World. We got there around 9:30a. The ticket line wasn't too bad, and as soon as we walked in Shamu was there waiting for a picture :-) Camryn of course wasn't a big fan but she did manage to get in the family picture with us :-)

We went to almost every show at the park. The girls had a blast!!! I am so glad we decided to get the annual passes. We'll be coming back a bunch! Next time note to myself, wear flip flops and not wedge shoes, LOL. Lots of walking on hilly paths! :-) We were at the park until 6ish, then went back to the hotel to freshen up and head to dinner. We ate dinner at Friendly's since it was close to the hotel. The girls were exhausted since neither of them had a nap all day, so it was 8:30p and they were both fast asleep.

Sunday we packed everything from our hotel room and headed to breakfast to end our fun weekend. It was super chilly so we decided to head home early and get a head start on some of our weekend chores, laundry :-(. We had such a great weekend and look forward to doing this again REAL soon!!!