March 30, 2012


And I mean TGIF! What a week!!!!!!!!!!!! It started off not so bad but mid week Camryn caught the stomach bug! Ick! Luckily it came and went pretty fast but its never fun seeing your kiddies sick. She's feeling great now so hopefully it stays that way but I am hoping we can go to Blizzard Beach tomorrow! But we'll see.

I am exhausted! I hope I can catch up on some sleep this weekend. But not sure if it'll actually but I am really hoping :-)

Our weekend isn't too crazy. A few things planned but all fun of course, and staying local :-) The hubby and I also planned another stay-cation next month with the girls. I am looking forward to that! Since a "real" vacation isn't in the cards right now due to work so we'll make due with these little getaways!

Happy Friday everyone!


Andrea said...

I sometimes think staycations are more fun anyway, it definitely beats traveling long distances with kids. Hope yall have a good weekend!

jojewelry said...

Hope you don't mind, but I am sharing your great cat pic on my blog. Thank you. Have a great staycation.