March 19, 2012

Full House of Hogans

The hubby's two brothers out of the four came to visit this past weekend. Well it more like a long weekend, Wednesday - Sunday! Of course we all wished it was longer because we had such a great time and it was soo good to see them! Visits are never long enough :-(

Thursday we enjoyed a day at the pool. We were there for several hours, got lots of sun, especially those pasty Irish boys, haha. Of course I just enhanced my tan, LOL. We enjoyed the evening home just hanging out, and watching March Madness.

Friday morning I had to work a few hours but after work we headed to Clearwater Beach. It was a beautiful day! The traffic was horrific but we didn't let that stop us for having a fun day! We got home pretty late so we just ordered in and hung out :-)

Saturday the boys spent the morning golfing. After lunch we headed to the pool and enjoyed the beautiful day! It was such a gorgeous weekend! Perfect weather. Saturday was St. Patrick's Day so of course we went out to celebrate the Hogan boys being Irish. I think they got a little carried away with the NEON green, yes NEON green hair! Had a great time downtown. Had lots of laughs! It was quite interesting when we got home and took the guys FOUR hair washes before they got all of that green out of there hair! LOL.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Yesterday we enjoyed just hanging out and even manged a quick swim at the pool. The boys headed out last night and of course good byes were hard but we are excited to see them again in the summer! So glad they came to visit! I am so lucky to have such great BIL's!!!