November 13, 2011


This was the first weekend in FOREVER that we actually didn't have ANY plans! It was great! We totally need to do this more often! We finally got around to organizing the closets upstairs and getting our garage put together. It was a mess! I can't believe we have lived here 3 months already. Time is flying. Of course there is still lots to do but now with the holidays coming up I am thinking it'll be a bit before we get to any of it. But thats okay I am looking forward to all the holiday fun with the hubby and girls.

Speaking of.... next weekend we are going to Gaylord Palm for the ICE show! This is our first year going. The girls are super excited!

Uniquely Me Design has finally posted our holiday banners, well one of them for now. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis, only limited amount have been made. Price $18 + $6.50 shipping. Head on over to our Facebook page for more details!

We have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow is the girls first day at their new school. I'm hoping all goes well, stay tuned. We have family pictures on Thursday, can't wait! I am hoping we get at least one picture for our Christmas cards, we'll see. The girls are at quite an age for pictures, they are either all for it or forget it. :-/ Hope everyone has a great week!!