November 3, 2011

Tough Decisions

Being a parent comes with a lot of tough decisions. The girls started their new school about three months ago. In the beginning things were going really well. But over the past three months I have saw about 8 teachers quit. Yes 8! Clearly something is not right if all these teachers are quitting. My last straw was last Payten's assistant teacher left, and now this week Payten's head teacher has put her notice in. After much discussion the hubby and I have decided that its best if we switch schools. Obviously something is going on there and I don't want my girls to get caught in the middle. Although I do have to say Camryn's teachers are awesome and we are sad to leave them. :-( I hope she has just as good teachers over at her new school.

Well of course with a new school that comes more expenses. Especially for Payten. New uniforms... ahhh. The new school's uniform attire is navy shirts and khaki bottoms. All have been ordered and hopefully they will arrive in time for her first day on the 14th.

I am sure I will be posting lots of updates as the girls transition to the new school, especially since they will be going full time!


YUMMommy said...

Glad you all took action quickly. 8 teachers leaving back to back is certainly a cause for concern and change.

Amy said...

You did the right thing. I've worked in a school setting since I was 16, I have NEVER seen that many teachers and aides leave. I hope they have an amazing experience at their new school!!