November 15, 2011

1st day = SUCCESS

The girls 1st day at their new school went great!!! Both girls loved it. I had no doubt about Payten. She was so proud of her "noodle" necklace she made :-) Since it was their 1st full day we decided to head over to ChickFilA for family night.

Camryn is growing out of her convertible car seats so I have been looking into the booster seats and I am thinking of going with the Graco 3 in 1. Does anyone have any experience with this one? Of course I am going with the pink color :-) My girls gotta have pink, hehe!

It seems like its going to be a busy week around here. Although I feel like I am coming down with a stomach bug, I certainly hope not because I don't have time for that :-( Mommy's don't get sick days :-(


YUMMommy said...

Glad they enjoyed their first day and their new school. Hope that you're not getting sick either.