November 29, 2011

Black Friday Deals

I have been Black Friday shopping for the past 4 years or so and this year was by far the BEST year of deals! I walked out of both Target and Toys R Us with a cart full of toys and spent about $100/$120. Not to mention the awesome deal at ToysRUs, 82 diapers for $10!!! I was able to get most of the girls Christmas shopping done with the exception of a few things. This is not all that I got but a few of things. I am hoping next year is just as good! Opening the stores at 9p on Thursday night was a great idea. I think it definitely motivated more people to shop!

Originally $59.99 - BF $39.99

Originally $39.99 - BF $19.99

Originally $24.99 each - BF $14.99 - $4.00 coupon - $10.99

Originally $19.99 - BF $9.99

Each register was $9.99 - Originally around $12.99-$19.99