November 15, 2011

Black Friday

Okay who else is a Black Friday shopping freak like me?! I have been doing it for years and just love it! The thrill of it is so much fun! I am already plotting out my game plan and what I'll be getting. Of course most things are for the girls, as always but its soo much fun. We are also on a hunt for a new artificial Christmas tree, a big one since our ceilings are pretty high in the new house. I heard there are pretty good deals on Black Friday, so we'll see!

Game plan so far. . . {I have also linked each store up with its ad}
Toys R Us - 9p Thursday
Target - midnight Friday
Joann Fabrics

I am sure I will venture to the mall as well but it just depends on the crowds. Most of the time I head home for a quick power nap and back out I go again. :-) I am so excited and I still have a whole week! :-)


Kara Wright said...

I told Larry I wasn't doing it this year that I'm already too tired to do it LOL. He said "whatever".

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Black Friday shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I got to sit down and make out my game plan. Hoping for some great deals this year.