July 18, 2011

Fun Weekend!

Another great weekend come and gone! This was another busy one but totally worth it for all the fun we had!

We headed down to my parents house Friday evening after work. Saturday morning we went to the beach with my Dad. The girls had a blast as always!!!

These kids can play in the sand for houses and not hear a peep out of them. Maybe we should turn our backyard into a sandbox? LOL

They finally had enough of the sand after a while, and went for a swim. They love the water, even Camryn. They are like little fish! Camryn is learning how to use swimmies this year. Its quite interesting!

I love the water on the West Coast of Florida so clear and beautiful!

Payten with her Pop Pop

Check out Camryn's 1st side ponytail! Too cute!!!

After our awesome beach day, our cousins from New Jersey came over to my parents for a vsiti. It was soo good to see them! I miss seeing them. So wish we all lived close again :-( Maybe someday! We headed back home Saturday evening.

Yesterday morning we had Malayna's Christening. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were so honored to share her special day with her. I have barely any good pictures :-( I have been totally slacking on the pictures lately. I have to snap back into it! But I did manage one of the girls before we left but as you can see they both did not want one taken. :-(

Hope everyone had a great weekend!