July 12, 2011

Furniture Shopping

Of course with a new house comes NEW ideas, and new furniture of course! We are not getting all new furniture but some! Since we have had most of it since we moved 6 years ago its time for a change!

The first piece that is already ordered and is a must since our couch is ruined is a new sectional.

I fell in love with this one from Ashely Furniture. I have been wanting a dark leather sectional for a while now but could never find one I like. And the best part is you can order more pieces to make it bigger. Love that feature! Now if we would just a get a closing date so I can enjoy this new couch!

Our next MUST purchase is a new kitchen table. This is something I am having a hard time deciding on! Right now we have a rectangle table and will not work in the new hosue so it must be round. The shape is not the problem its the color/wood that is the problem. Our kitchen table now is Espresso and the poor table looks like its been through the war. And its only three years old :-( I am glad I didn't spend much for it but still three years later and it looks awful :-( I have came across a few like I like for looks but not sure how durable they are.

This table will probably take a beating like my other one did but I just love it. I am all into black furniture now. This one is from American Signature.

A new dining room set isn't a must get but I am looking at something different. Whether or not we get it is a whole other story. We'll see how things go but I LOVE this set from American Signature. Black again of course :-) I love the hutch with this set!


Amy said...

Loving the sectional! So pretty!