July 7, 2011

Camryn Brooke - 21 Months

Can you really only be three months away from turning 2?! No way! It feels like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. And now my baby is almost turning 2! So crazy!

Over the past few months you have changed drastically! You are talking way more. Your favorite words are. . . please, thank you, NO, Ma, Da, hi, bye. And your favorite thing to do is give kisses, so cute! Your big sister is over the moon about you and just loves playing with you!

You are a little dare devil! You have absolutely no fear and at times it drives me insane! I am hoping its something you grow out of or we're in trouble!

And your new favorite thing to do is sit on the little potty and the best part is you actually get it! Woo hoo! Hopefully it won't be too long until your potty trained. :-)

Happy 21 Months baby girl!


YUMMommy said...

Time goes by so fast. Good luck with the potty training.