July 28, 2011

And it starts. . .

my obsession with party planning! I mean I even have dreams about it, I know I have issues. Since we have decided to have Camryn's party at the house this year we will be doing a pinata for the kids, a cute one too might I add (picture below), so instead of favor bags I am going to give out cookies for favors. I have been looking on Etsy for ideas and I absolutely love both of these! But man are they pricey! So I have contacted a few local cookie makers for some prices. But aren't these so adorable?!

I really need to stay off Etsy! That site is beyond dangerous!!!! Invitations have been ordered. Super cute and can't wait to see how they turned out!

Of course with a #2 though :-)
Adorable owl pinata!


nicole@http://theclarks-nicole.blogspot.com/ said...

So cute. I was thinking of a doing an owl theme for my daughters 1st. It is right around the corner. I need to get moving.