May 3, 2010

Weekend Catch Up!

Jealous aren't you? Yup we spent the day at Blizzard Beach on Saturday. It certainly was a good day for it since it was 90+ degrees out. I was dreading the cold pool water but boy was I wrong. It wasn't bad at all, of course at first it was a little brisk but when your dripping sweat cold water is your best friend :-)
It was Camryn's first time at Blizzard Beach and she loved it. Can't tell from this picture but she really did. She loved the water in between her little toes. But of course her favorite was floating in the lazy river. Mine too :-)
Payten loved the "Tike" area. We did go a billion times last year and she loved it but this year it was so different. She is much more excited and more willing to try new things.
Like the slides for one! I did enjoy watching her go down them because her faces were just priceless.
And look all by herself! Brave little thing she is. However when she hit the cold water she screamed "NO MORE TOO COLD". Haha.
After a fun filled day at Blizzard Beach it was a must to stay home yesterday and catch up on some neglected housework. The garage needed a big makeover! Well its more like a BIG CLEAN UP! That took hours! And with the horrid temperatures it took even longer oh yeah and with the distraction of the girls that prolonged it as well. After we finished up some things outside I came in to tackle my closet! It is the cleanest and the most organized its been in FOREVER! Now I just need to buy a few organizers and we're set! The next project will be Sean's closet, and that will take a whole weekend, sigh! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

I didn't realize how hard it was to take a picture of my closet until now. This isn't even a quarter of it but I couldn't figure out how to get a good picture. But you get the hint :-)