May 21, 2010

Weekend Review - Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller

When I found out when I was pregnant with our second child, picking a double stroller was one of the first things that came to mind in the long list of items we needed to buy. This is one item that actually scared me about buying. I know sounds silly right? But they are usually VERY expensive not to mention SUPER heavy. With me being a whole 5 foot tall picking the right double stroller was really important.

After lots and lots of research we chose to go with the Peg Perego Aria Twin 60/40. I know the first thing you are thinking $$$, but actually it was pretty reasonably priced. We did however buy it online. We purchased it from and got an AWESOME deal, free shipping too!

One of my biggest concerns was the "weight" of the stroller. Most double strollers are really heavy! The Peg Perego Aria is only 17 pounds!!! It did concern me at first since it was so light.. Is it sturdy enough? It is super sturdy and handles great! I even love it more then my single stroller!

I was a bit afraid when I first started using the stroller for the one fact that it is a "side by side". How on earth would I get through doorways or through stores? But actually it fits through EVERY door way. And well most stores are easy to get around, except Gymboree, and of course is my favorite store to shop, but its still manageable.

The way it folds up is just another great feature! It takes up barely any room in my truck which is great when traveling with two kids and you have everything from your house packed in your vehicle :-)


LeeAnn said...

Gymboree is hard to get around with ANY stroller! Great review!

Amanda Barton said...

Hey Tiffany ~ We're stroller shopping and I remember you reviewing this one. We don't need a double stroller yet, but in the next couple years we hope to need one. :)

How did it work when your youngest was an infant? Did you have a Peg carseat? Did the seat recline enough so you could put her in as an infant?

We have a Graco carseat, so I'm thinking it's not compatible. Since we're buying a new single stroller now, I'm wondering if we should plan to get one that works with our infant carseat we have now or plan to buy new all around later on.

Thanks for your help!