January 31, 2010

Shopping & Playdate Weekend!

I can't believe its Sunday evening already. Where did the weekend go? They seem to go by faster and faster every week. Another reason why three day weekends are a must!

Saturday morning we headed out of the house nice and early to get a jump start on our shopping day. First we stop was Babies R Us. I always say it'll be a quick trip, but an hour and a half later we were still there :-) The girls got lots of new goodies.

Payten's new potty seat, since she's not a fan of the singing potty Santa bought for her.
Camryn's new highchair/booster.

After our trip to Babies R Us, we met up with the Hinken Family for a playdate at Chick Fil-A! The girls had a blast on the playground and the adults actually got to have an adult conversation. :-) Thank you LeeAnn and Brian for meeting us! We have to do it again soon!

We headed over the Millenia Mall after our playdate. Of course I went into Gymboree (my favorite of course). Although this time I was pretty good. I had some returns, so I stayed focused and just returned the items I had. Although I was pretty close to buying something but then I remembered there are so good sales coming up so I need to wait! It was long, exhausting day out so we left the mall and headed home.

Sunday was our normal Sunday for us. Errands in the morning, and being lazy the rest of the day. :-) I actually watched a movie while relaxing. First time in FOREVER! 27 Dresses! What a great movie! I loved it!

Now its time to get ready for another exciting work week. Thank goodness I have off on Tuesday, hopefully that will help make the week fly by. We'll see....

Since I was awful about taking pictures this weekend, here is one of Camryn at Chick Fil-A!