January 11, 2010

Monday... Back to the Grind!

Is it Monday already? Why do the weekends go so fast?? We really need to start having three day weekends and 4 day weeks. What do you think?? :-)

Friday night evening I worked until 8pm, and since I was having cabin fever I headed over to Target. I picked up a few things for Payten's birthday party and a few Valentine's gifts for the girls. When I got home Camryn was still awake so she hung out with Sean & I and watched 27 Dresses. What a cute movie! I loved it!

Saturday afternoon I went over to the nail salon and Payten joined me for a girls afternoon. She got her nails painted while we were there. I was t
otally shocked she let the lady do it but she did. It's soo cute! Dana & Doug joined us for dinner and game night. After a long game of monopoly we just gave up and turned on the Wii. :-) The Wii is so addicting. Especially the bowling! I beat my record score, woo hoo!

Yesterday was our typical around the house Sunday. Sean and I both ran
a few errands. We split them up, and then we were worked on some things around the house. Sundays always go by so fast :-( Unfortunately the Packers had a horrible loss and Sean was a bit annoyed so that was my que to head to bed, not to mention I had to be up early for work this morning.

I had my bi-yearly review today at work. It went well. They would like me to go for a promotion but unfortunately that would require me to work in the office and right now that's not an option. The commute is a killer and I am just not ready for that right now in my life. Maybe in a few years... Well, Happy Monday All! :-)

This is what happens when Sean gets bored, he torments his daughters!
I am thinking she is still a little small for this!
Okay Dad enough, I'm sleepy!