January 3, 2010

Another lazy Sunday....

But not really lazy... It's another typical Sunday around the Hogan house. Cleaning and organizing. No matter how much we clean we never seem to be done. I guess that is what we get for buying such a big house. It also doesn't help that it's like Toys R Us at our house so we are constantly picking up toys :-(

This is my last day before heading back to work tomorrow, well going back to work I should say since I work from home. It is so bittersweet. Although I have absolutely loved being off with my girls, it might be nice to get back to a normal schedule. I will let you know how I feel about this when I return. Haha.
The little Diva!One of Camryn's many faces!

We didn't do anything too excited for New Years since I was still healing from my mouth surgery. Dana, Doug, and my sister joined us for some Olive Garden take out and Game Night! We had a great time, lots of good laughs! We definitely have to do it again soon. Shortly after the ball dropped and hit midnight we lost power in our entire neighborhood... It was quite weird. It took about 2 hours to come back on. What a way to ring in the year!

We'll back to more cleaning.... Happy Sunday!