November 22, 2009

Another Weekend Gone By... :-(

Another weekend has come and gone. :-( Why do they go so fast? I ask myself this every week. Whether we are busy or just hanging around they just seem to fly right by. This was one of our busy weekends.

Friday morning we had playdate with
Ally & Kim. Payten had fun playing with Ally. We definitely have to do it again soon! In the evening we had dinner with Dana and Doug. We were long overdue to spend time with them! We met them at our usual place of choice, Olive Garden. :-) It's one of my favs! They had a new entree on the menu and I figured I would give it a try. It was ravioli with cream sauce & shrimp. I was looking forward to trying something new, well it was a total disappointment. :-( It was so spicy, I took two bites and just couldn't take anymore. So luckily the waitress was nice enough to have them bring me out a new one, this time I played it safe and went with the Fettuccine Alfredo. After dinner we headed over to a few of the new stores in Clermont. The guys went to GameStop of course and Dana and I headed into Michael's. They were having a pretty good sale. I picked up some frames for our new staircase project. With all these new pictures of the girls I needed more spots to hang them. I'll post pictures of my finished product.
Saturday was a crazy day for us. We woke up bright and early and headed to Target for some Christmas photos. I figured since it's Camryn's first Christmas we would have them done. I wasn't too sure how Payten would do since picture taking doesn't seem like her thing lately but I figured what did I have to lose. The pictures actually went a lot better then expected. We did get a cute one of Payten kissing Camryn. And a great one of each of the girls. After that extravaganza, we headed over to Chuck E Cheese to meet Rylie and her parents. Payten had a fun playdate with Rylie. We must do it again soon. Payten was pooped after Chuck E Cheese, so we took a stroll in the mall, and believe it or not Payten actually feel asleep in the stroller. She never does that, I was shocked!
Today has been one of those catch up days around the house. It's rainy and gloomy so we are hanging home today.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! And if I don't get to post before Thanksgiving, have a safe holiday!!!