November 7, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, and more Shopping!

We have done lots of shopping these past few days. Yesterday Dana joined the girls and I to a trip to the Florida Mall. We were on a hunt for outfits for our pictures next weekend. What an ordeal! Who knew it would be so hard to find outfits for the girls, geesh!

My journey continued on Saturday with Tammy. We headed to a few stores around our house. We even managed to get some great after Halloween sales. 90% off, just can't beat it. Needless to say the Hogan's will be having a Halloween party next year :-) One for the adults and one for the kiddies. :-)

Not too many big plans for the weekend. Just relaxing around the house and catching up on some housework. I have been slacking with my picture taking but I promise I will post new pictures of the girls soon.