November 19, 2009

Thursday already?

I can't believe it's Thursday already. This week has really flown by. I thought the weeks went by fast when I was working but they seem to fly by even faster when I'm not. :-( Today was a relaxing day at home. We did some organizing of the girls closets. Tried on some clothes to see what fits them and what needs to be put away. They have way too many clothes!!! LOL. Of course its my fault because I love to shop for them, but its just so much fun.

Sean has been busy working the Casino parties so we have been taking advanta
ge of spending time with the Ellison crew. We had dinner with them last night. We ordered the Chili's 2 for $20 deal, and let me tell you I tried this amazing salad, Quesadilla Explosion, sooo yummy! It's definitely worth trying!!! The kiddies played while Tammy and I got some adult time. It's always nice to have adult conversions especially when home all day with a 21 month old that doesn't much other then Dada, no, apple, thank you.... :-)

Amy Robertson posted a few more pictures of the girls session. All I can say is AM
AZING! She is so talented and look forward to her capturing more moments of my girls. :-)