November 15, 2009

Another weekend gone by...

How do the weekends go by so fast? It's so sad that we look forward to the weekends and then before you know it, its all over :-( But we had a great weekend.

Saturday morning we had a picture session with Amy Robertson. She took some amazing shots of Payten. See post below for a few teasers. :-) The pictures wore Pay
ten out, so we headed home for a nap and lunch then headed down to Orlando. We did some Christmas shopping (had some great sales), and then we headed to Monkey Joe's. We have been considering having Payten's 2nd Birthday there but we wanted her to try it out first. Well, she wasn't a huge fan. As long as Sean and I were with her she was fine but that will be hard to do and run a birthday party so we have decided to look into some other options... so the hunt continues.

Sunday it was a relaxing day around the house. We
worked on putting up our Christmas decor. I know its early but we usually do it Thanksgiving weekend but since we will be in South Florida spending it with my parents I figured we would do it this weekend. Everything is done except the outside lights and decorating the tree. :-) In the evening, Camryn and I headed to Amy's house for a continued picture session. A few teasers from that session are below. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your girls pics are absolutely beautiful Tiffany! I just love them!