March 24, 2009

My Daddy is turning 50!!!!!

I know back to back posts but this week is full of huge milestones for my family! We have lots of events to celebrate and I am so glad we will all be together!

My Dad is finally turning 50!!! It feels like its been forever..... my mom, aunts, and uncles turned 50 years ago and finally my Dad is joining the 50 club! Although of course he will say that it's his 27th birthday. Haha. But Dad don't worry you don't look a day older then 27 :-)

Well where can I even start.... My dad is truly my hero! I know I can always count on him for anything. Whether its a shoulder to cry on, to tell him about my horrible day, or just to call to say hello. He truly is the best Dad! Thank you for just being you, and loving all of us unconditionally no matter what. Happy 50th Birthday Dad! We love you!

Daddy & his girls!

Sharing a dance on the best day of my life!