March 5, 2009

This blogging world puts a new perspective on life!

I never had any idea how many blogs are truly out there and for all different reasons and causes. I have came across so many that have truly touched my heart. When I think I have had a bad week, I start looking at some other blogs and realize that my bad week is nothing. I should be ashamed for even considering it a bad week. There are millions of people out there fighting for their lives, or have just lost a loved one.

There is one blog that I came along about a gentleman, a husband, that is 31 years old, same age as Sean, and he lost his life to a battle of cancer. It gets you really thinking that your life isn't so bad after all and that the things we stress about are peanuts compared to what others are faced with.

Another blog I have came along is about a little girl, almost the same age as Payten needed a heart transplant and received it but however the heart failed and she has passed away. I could never imagine losing my baby girl and can't imagine what those parents are going through.

Please keep these families in your prayers.