March 4, 2009

Not a good start to our week....

Well after having a great weekend celebrating Payten's 1st birthday with our family & friends, I knew it was too be good to be true for it to last on a good note.

Monday night I was hanging out watching The Bachelor (don't even get me started on that right now), and I was cuddling with Roxy (something I rarely get to do since Payten has been born). As I was petting her I noticed a huge lump/mass on her body where her one leg meets her body. I immediately
started to freak out, sobbing like a huge baby. I ran upstairs to get Sean to have him check it out. He told me to calm down and that he'll take her to the vet in the morning. We all know how overweight Roxy is but this mass was so noticeable. Sean took her 1st thing Tuesday morning, well actually after he found out that his battery died on his car ($100 later). The vet did a needle biopsy and called us with the results today.... It's been a long 24 hours! Her bloodwork came back great, she doesn't have a thyroid problem, she's just fat... haha, and her lump/mass is just a fatty mass and the doctor is not concerned. However we need to get her on a diet. I am so glad that everything is okay with her. I was heart broken thinking there was something seriosuly wrong because Roxy is Payten's buddy. She would be devasted, as so would Sean, I, and even Corgy. We are hoping our week starts to get better... but I am not getting my hopes up just yet.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Is it Friday yet? :-) Happy Hump Day!Roxy as pup... wow she was tiny!
Roxy now.... 41 lbs (yikes!)