January 15, 2013

Rest of the weekend

I had all intentions of posting yesterday but what a day I had!  It started out at the surgeons office to confirm whether or not I need to have surgery.  Unfortunately I do :-(  The recovery shouldn't be too bad, I am just more worried about the anesthesia, I hate that part, but everything will be okay.  After I got home, my husband went to the doctor because he wasn't feeling good all weekend, after an ultrasound at the hospital if confirmed he has a bad infection.  Thank goodness after some meds he will be okay.  He definitely had me worried!

I did get several little projects accomplished over the weekend which was nice.  These were things that have been on a "to do" list for 6+ months!  Ironed 5 curtain panels, hung a collage frame in my room, prints in Cam's room, finished the Valentine decorations, and even did some organizing!  I love weekends were I can actually get some things accomplished!
 Camryn's Room
Toy Closet (Now just need labels)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery :-(. All will be fine for sure...if we lived closer I'd help with the girls! Love Camryn's prints and the closet...looks great!