July 20, 2012

Potty Training - Cam's time!

Why do I feel like I just wrote a post about this for Payten?  It certainly feels like it but it was actually 2 years ago to the month!!!... Potty Training Day #1 And now its Camryn's time.  Ahhhh... potty training!  The thing I dread the most!  Isn't there a person I can hire to potty train Camryn?  I would pay just about any price for it right now!

Camryn really hasn't shown one interest to start potty training but since she will be 3 in a few months we have to at least try.  Her teachers say she does well and will go on the potty when they take her.  But at home she isn't so great about it.  I've decided that this weekend we are going to make the plunge!  Wish us luck!  We are soooo going to need it!  I have been changing Cam into panties when she gets home from school to get her use to it and shes done, ok.  We'll see how the weekend goes!  I am sure I will have a LONG post Monday all about it, LOL.

Here is Cam in her owl panties... I am sure when shes older she'll kill me for posting this, but I couldn't resist, haha!

Happy Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Cam!