July 31, 2012

Back to School Shopping

Only three weeks left until the new school year starts!!!

It's a BIG year for Payten!  She starts Pre School this year.  I still can't believe she is 4 1/2!  What happened to my little baby?!  Time is sure flying by!  I love watching her grow and seeing all the new things she learns on a daily basis!  The school she will be attending requires the Pre School class to wear uniforms.  This has its pro/con's, I think at least.  So we started stocking up on some shirts, skirts, jumpers, and polo dresses.  Colors are kind of boring, navy & khaki, but of course we dress up with cute hair bows and flowers :-)

 Loving these new bows from a seller I found on Etsy!  They are sooo adorable!

We ordered back packs from Pottery Barn Kids this year.  Camryn even got one too!  I wanted to order them for the girls last year but I was too late in ordering them and they all went on back order :-(.  So this year I promised I would be on top of it!  Both girls picked their own out.  Now I need to order personalized tags to put on their bags.  They had personalization for the bags but I didn't like that you could barely see their name on there.  So of course Etsy to the rescue.  Ahhh I love that site!

Payten's Backpack
 Camryn's Backpack

Last week was gymbuck redemption at Gymboree so of course Cam has lots of new clothes for school :-)  I obsessed with the Ice Cream Sweetie and the Sea Splash line.  Love the color scheme in both lines!  So fun and summery! :-)  So she is set until our fall weather strolls in, if even does this year!