July 2, 2010

Weekend Review - Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

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We bought Payten a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair for her 1st birthday and she absolutely loves it. She sits in it every single day. She begs me to bring it up or downstairs depending on where she is hanging out. I have almost thought about purchasing one for upstairs too. The only thing that holds me back is the price. It is definitely not the cheapest but I think is definitely well worth the money. The best part is that the cover is washable. And it washes so good! We purchased one for Camryn at Christmas so they can both have one. Payten has the pink with white polka dots and Camryn has the purple with white polka dots. So if your looking for a chair for your little one this is a definite must buy!

Disclaimer: This opinion is my own. I wrote this review without the request of the company. They have not contacted me in any way nor did they supply me with any products.