July 14, 2010

Dance With Me

Starting in a few weeks, this is what Payten will be doing every Thursday morning. She is all signed up for her Dance with Me class. It is approximately an hour a week and is an introductory class about the basic's of dance. She has been shaking her little booty since she could walk so I know this is something she will love.

Now that she is all signed up, its time to start getting all the gear. I danced for years but I forgot how much stuff you really do need. Leotards, tights, ballet slippers, dance bag, etc.... I have been searching the internet for some of the items but if anyone has an recommendations or a internet store that they like please leave me a comment.

Her attire is a black or pink leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. They have some many adorable leotards. Who knew? I love the ones that are the dresses. Too stinking cute!

As Payten starts her new hobby, stay tuned to lots of pictures and videos :-)


Belle's Butterfly said...

Aww how exciting for her and you. I danced until I was 19. In my mid twenties I completely miss it. It was such a great experience. We traveled to different places and made some really good friends. I can't wait for when Belle is old enough so I can sign her up. Have fun! I don't have any tips for an internet store we have a couple stores here that we were able to go into and get all our gear. Not only do you need a lot but it adds up quick too!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

How fun. I am thinking about putting Aiyana into some sort of dance class. She loves to dance and is always dancing her way through our house!

Mama Karen said...

That's so neat for both of you! I would check out etsy!

LeeAnn said...

So fun! I can't wait to hear how her first class goes!