June 1, 2009

It's June already?!?

I still can't believe today marks the first day of June! Where did the first six months of the year go to? Time is sure flying by.

We had another fun filled weekend. We are loving the hot, sunny weather. So we are taking full advantage of it. Friday night we went over to the Ellison's house to have some chicken wings. They sure were yummy! The kiddies got to play together which is always great to see them all together. Case & Payten together are too cute. They were giving each other kisses, sooo adorable! Braelyn is still so tiny.... I fo
rgot how itty bitty newborns are. It's so fun to just watch them sleep. It's amazing how much noise they can sleep through. I am looking forward to Baby Hogan #2 to join the clan of kiddies. :-) Saturday we headed over to Blizzard Beach. It is so nice having these annual passes. We can go for a few hours and leave and not feel guilty we spent all this money for one day. After a few hours of fun in the sun, we did some shopping. Gymboree was having a HUGE sale this weekend and still is (Stuff a Bag Sale - 30% off everything) so we headed over there. We let Payten nap for a little while, had some dinner, then we headed back out again.... Off to Lowes we went. Since Baby Hogan #2 is going to be arriving before we know it we decided we better start converting the bedrooms. We finally picked out a color for the new office. Now we just need to get all the furniture moved so we can paint and have the carpets cleaned. Our To Do List is NEVER ENDING! :-( Sunday was our normal housework day. Payten and I ran over to Target while Sean finished up the landscaping in the backyard. It's finally complete! Hallelujah! I promise I will have pictures soon!

I finally have gotten around to calling furniture places about nursery furniture. We found a store that has an awesome promo going, but there is one downfall..... It will be at least 8 to 12 weeks before arriving in their warehouse... :-( So with that said I guess we better get ordering. After our BIG ultrasound next Monday I will be placing the order.
We are so excited to see Baby Hogan next week at our ultrasound. We can't wait to see how much she has grown and to confirm that she's still a girl... :-)

Hope everyone has a great week! I will be sure to post pictures of the new backyard this week. :-)