June 22, 2009

Fun & Productive Weekend!

Who knew you could have a fun and productive weekend all in one? Now if there were only a few more hours in the day!

The new office is coming along. Sean spray painted the curtain rod (was a gold color and now is black), and it actually turned out great. Not bad for only $3.99 for the paint :-) Our next step is to hang the curtains, maybe tonight?? We hope to make it out to the furniture stores in the next week or so and start our hunt AGAIN for a sleeper/sofa. My goal is to have this project finished by mid July, let's see if that happens....

We also finally picked out paint colors for the "Girls" bathroom, and picked them up at Sherwin Williams yesterday. So that is another project in the works..... Too many projects and just not enough time!

I even ordered two dresses for Dan & Gaby's wedding. Talk about being really productive! One is for the actual wedding and the other is for the wedding rehearsal. Now let's hope they fit and look cute (not sure that is possible with this round ole basketball in front of me). :-)

Sean had a great Father's Day weekend! We made it out to Blizzard Beach, breakfast at Cracker Barrel (his favorite), pool time, and even had some family visitors. :-) Too bad it all went by too fast :-(

Last night was a rough night, Payten had a restless night (not sure its her new teeth coming in or was a bad dream) so that means so did Sean and I... so the day dragging begins...

We have a busy week ahead of us... So hope everyone has a great week!!