June 29, 2009

Family Weekend!

We had another great weekend! It was a HOT one but we tried to stay as cool as possible. If we weren't in the air conditioning we we were in the pool or ocean cooling off.

Friday night we headed down to visit Mema & Poppy Bachur. We arrived way past Payten's bedtime but that didn't stop her from enjoying some ice cream (Carvel, yummy!) before bed.. :-)

Saturday, the girls (Mema, Payten, & I) went to Kara's baby shower. Payten had a blast especially when Kara handed her all the ribbon. That kept her entertained for quite some time.

Sunday, we tempted to head over to the beach. WOW was it HOT! We were there for a short time but it that short time I am sure we sweat off several pounds. The ocean was a little rough so it was hard to stay in there too long, so after 2 hours we headed back to Mema & Poppy's for a swim! It was a great weekend. Payten got to spend lots of time with Mema & Poppy (something she doesn't get to do often) so it was nice treat! We have a busy week ahead of us getting ready for our 4th of July BBQ but we are looking forward to a great time with friends. Have a great 4th everyone and stay safe!!