June 27, 2013

This week....

This week has been full of emotions.  I feel like so much is going on all at once.  It is been an overwhelming week.  I am trying to stay positive and push through but sometimes its hard when the negative keeps getting thrown your way.  :-/

I haven't blogged much or maybe even at all about our old house.  When we moved almost two years ago we decided to rent our old home.  After much consideration we decided to put it on the market.  As you all the know the market is HORRID!  The banks are horrific, the buyers are a nightmare... the whole process has been a DISASTER!  I've been trying to stay positive but its literally draining everything out of me :-(
Thank goodness for this... a glass of this in the evening has been helping just a little bit :-)

My brother in law deployed this week as well.... My heart goes out to my sister and my niece.  I know it's going to be a long tough year for them.  I am praying it goes by quick and brother in law comes home safe!

Payten started Summer camp this week!  She's been having a blast!  She had two days of different splash pads, glow in the dark mini golf, pirate theme day, and today she is going to Medieval times.  How fun right?  Man I sure wish I was still a kid!