June 24, 2013

Fun Weekend!

How is it Monday already?!  The weekend just FLEW by!  It definitely was a busy one.  But a ton of fun!

Friday night I went to the NKOTB - Package tour with my girlfriend Lena.  We had an absolute blast!  We had awesome seats in the presidential suite.  It was so awesome reliving our "younger" years.  Boyz II Men and NKOTB put on an amazing concert!  Both groups are AMAZING preformers.  98 degrees was also featured in this concert and I can honestly say I was a bit disappointed.  Of course Nick Lachey was amazing but as a group I was not impressed.  :-(  I hope they decide to do a your like this again SOON!
Soooo excited!!
After my late night out on Friday.  It was an early morning with my girls since my hubby had to work Saturday.  So we started our morning off with breakfast at ChickFilA and running a few errands.  We were back home by noon for some lunch and even squeezed in a nap, ahhh yes my favorite part of the weekend, haha.  The girls went with their Dad to a friends house to watch the hockey game, while the mom's enjoyed a night of shopping.  
Sunday we met up with some friends for some fun at Aquatica.  It was a blast, well until the storm started to roll in about 2p and then we were booking it through the parking lot.