June 26, 2012

She can't be turning 3?!

There is no possible way that its time to plan Camryn's THIRD birthday, I mean how can that be, she just turned 2, didn't she?!  This past year has just flown by!!!

I decided since this will most likely be the last year I can use a birthday party theme for Camryn.  I have decided to go with the Monkey theme.  

I love all of the bright colors!  It's so fun!  We are going to have Cam's party at the park this year.  The weather is still nice in October so I figured we would take advantage of it.  I just hope the rain stays away!!

So far these are the two invites that I like.  Although I leaning more towards the first style!  I like the bright colors!  And I have three different option colors!  I am thinking of removing the photo part of it since I use Cam's photos on her thank you's.  I love want to over kill the whole photo thing!  Of course both of these invitations I found on Etsy!

Some personalized shirts and outfit ideas.  Of course thank you to the wonderful world of Etsy!! For a tutu this year I am thinking of doing a petti skirt since we have done the regular tutu thing the past two years.  Both of these skirts are adorable!!!

Stay tuned to my million in one posts about Camryn's party details!! :-)